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    Marco Fasoli is a graphic designer based in Verona, Italy. Having had a keen interest in art since a young age, I discovered my taste for graphics and illustration when my family first got a PC and I started spending time on various design websites, trying to make my own, and it was something I began to love doing. I started studying Graphic Design at ITI San Zeno before going on to the web design course.

    Other than design I love: taking photographs, vinyl LP, ethnic style, vintage girls, oriental cultures, play drum, moleskins, travelling, skateboarding, strange music & musicians, cold weather, cold beers, and eating way too much spice. Feel comfortable to contact or email me for projects, collabs or to say hello!

    For a copy of my CV and PDF samples of my work please drop me an e-mail to: mrcfsl@gmail.com


Feel comfortable to contact me for projects, collabs… other

Sfogliando queste pagine virtuali potrai curiosare tra: poster, cover, locandine, artworks, illustrazioni, foto, immagini, forme, linee, poligoni, colori, tinte (tendenti allo sfacelo azzurro), idee, ideali, pensieri, fissazioni atomiche, fantomatiche bands, polverose pellicole, scheletri – abitanti di armadi, ricordi, vecchie “cose” improbabili, persone/personaggi e pixel… fino alla nausea… CONTACTS Mail: mrcfsl@gmail.com Twitter: marco-fasoli-twitter Myspace: myspace.com/projectmind Flickr: flickr.com/photos/marco_fasoli/ Facebook page: marco-fasoli-graphic-designer

  • MRCFSL | mrcfsl@gmail.com | P. IVA 04045690239

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